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December 15, 2008

Dear friends, i’m sorry for such a long silence
I’m working really hard now – i’m trying to organise regular official mailings to my dear customers. How does it happens? I write to a buddy, that has left me his email in 2002 (as a member of my site) that he is still registered at my wonderful belarus marriage and dating agency site and he logs in sees immeadetly the girl of his dream Anastasia (i know her personally, we graduated from law faculty together), writes her a letter and gets a quick answer to e-mail.
I’ve done only one thing – i’ve written him a short email – and he gained a new lovely frendess.
So now i’m trying all possible ways to make our customers know that we have hundreds of new fantastic ladies. I’m sure, i have success.



November 3, 2008

Hey guys, i have a problem. Our girls brought me photos. 1 photographer, 1 studio, 1 dress, 6 photos,  2 ladies. Tweens.

How to distinguish?






November 3, 2008

i’m checking the email addresses of our clients, that they have left us at 2001, 2002  etc.

Perhaps, it’s not the right way, but obviously the easiest – i’m sending an empty letter from free russian mail domain to all the addresses and get 50% “Mail Deilivery Fail” reports. It’s normal.  It’s just to clear the development.

Some clients try to answer to theese empty letters. They are asking questions, or just greet me, or even send photos. Are they so lonely, that they try to establish communication with somebody unknown, who is obviously is not going to write anything. The addresses are very old, why don’t they consider theese letters to be spam?

Hi, world

September 11, 2008

My blog is devoted to Belarusian marriage agency

We decided, it’s obviously time to share some opinions about our business, some tips and secrets, and we’ll try to find out how to improve our service.  Most probably, it’ll be videoblog, ’cause my english is not sooo good.

My Boss: Hey, Galina, are you kidding?  What? Blog? You just cannot find better place for your inside videos?

I’m smiling.   We are trying to help foreigners to find belarus wife here in Minsk. Though we have thousands of ladies , hundreds of successful marriages and  more then 10 years’ service,  our business is very small and intimate.

My boss: 10 years… Oh my God, did we missed anniversary? What about the Party? It’s not too late to celebrate, still

No, we won’t celebrate today. Plenty of ideas today, time to work…